White Fence Farm rears organic chicken for preparing healthy meals.

Chicken is rich in low-fat and low-calorie proteins that the body needs to develop from pregnancy to adulthood and later years in life. It completes your nutritional requirements to enjoy a balanced diet.

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Studies link chicken with mood. Chicken contains an amino acid known as tryptophan. The function of the amino acid is to raise serotonin production and release in your brain. These are the “feel-good” neurochemicals associated with good mood.

Chicken is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals that your brain requires to function optimally. White and dark chicken meat contain choline and vitamin B12.

The nutrients work together to foster brain development in kids and supports cognitive performance in older adults. The vitamin and choline also ensure that the nervous system is working properly.

Chicken meat is easy to eat, making chewing or swallowing food a breeze. The source of high quality protein is versatile. Even with changes in taste, you’re bound to enjoy our farm chicken.

The white meat also builds muscle, fosters heart health and strengthens bones (prevents arthritis and osteoporosis). With just 30 grams high quality protein in every meal, you’ll benefit from muscle growth.

Apart from bone health, chicken contains vitamins and minerals, and low fat and cholesterol content for a heart-healthy meal. You can read our FAQs if you want to know more about our products.

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 Lean chicken meat is easy for your body to digest, making our chicken ideal for normal blood sugar and weight control. This makes our chicken good for weight loss.

The selenium in chicken benefits your metabolism, hormone, and thyroid health, and immune function.

Phosphorus supports the function of your liver, kidney, bones, and central nervous system. The vitamin B6 in our chicken boosts metabolism, energy levels, and blood vessels. Niacin protects against cancer and genetic damage to your DNA.

Vitamin A content is good for eye health and chicken liver has vitamin B2 (riboflavin) to repair dry and damaged skin. It also reduces various skin problems.


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