About Us

White Fence Farm is a sustainable chicken farm in Denver, Colorado. We’ve been rearing chicken for over 10 years. And, our business has quickly grown to become popular locally over the years.

We adopt the free range chicken rearing method to allow our chicken to roam freely within the farm. They walk around to find their own food around the farm, making them less dependent on store-bought food.

Our chicken eggs and meat are 100% organic. We don’t feed our hens steroids during growth. Therefore, our chicken meat and eggs are tastier and more nutritious than chicken broilers fed on artificial feeds.

Apart from offering consumers healthier meat and eggs, White Fence Farm also benefits from higher market prices. Our consumers are willing to pay up to 20%-30% more for healthy chicken meat and eggs.

Our free range chicken neither feeds on chemicals nor steroids, making us go-to farm for organic poultry in Denver, Colorado. Consumers clamoring for our fried chicken want to eat healthy, nutritious meals.

White Fence Farm is your go-to place for healthy chicken whenever you want to prepare a meal with nutritious white meat.

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Every Saturday

8am – 2pm

3284 Clay Lick Road, CO

Always Fresh and Certified the Best in Denver Co.


3284 Clay Lick Road Denver,CO 80202

Working Hours

Tuesdays & Saturdays @ 6am – 4pm


720-865-7068 – 720-380-8167