Is chicken healthy?

Chicken reared through organic methods such as free range offer various nutrients your body needs. Ranging from high quality proteins to rare vitamins and minerals, chicken strengthens bones and improves eye sight, among other health benefits.

What should I look for when buying chicken from a local farm?

When buying chicken, opt for farms that use sustainable farming processes and organic feeds to rear their chicken. Also check out the comments or opinions of other buyers or consumers who’ve bought chicken from the same farm.

Why should I get my chicken from White Fence Farm?

White Fence Farm has a team of employees who’re highly trained in sustainable chicken rearing. They’re also experienced in rearing chicken, atop enjoying what they do. We rear healthy chicken rich in various nutrients to meet your distinct nutritional needs.

What’s more, we don’t feed our chicken chemicals and steroids to quicken their growth. Instead, our chicken are free range. They walk around the farm, feeding on organic matter in soils. Although we supplement this with store-bought feeds, we only opt for organic feeds.

Our chicken is reared to meet your nutritional requirements. Even the aged can benefit from eating our chicken because it strengthens bones to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. We’re your go-to local farm in Denver for healthy chicken.

Is chicken ideal for weight loss?

Yes. Our chicken is mainly lean meat that’s low in fat, calories, and cholesterol. This means that eating our chicken during weight loss can’t interfere with your weight loss goals. What’s more, the lean meat is easily digestible, a factor that also aids weight loss.

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