Farm Activities

White Fence Farm runs various activities to help us rear our chicken healthily. We release our chickens from their poultry houses in the morning. We first provide them with some store-bought organic feeds before they can free range around the farm for more food.

We also provide them with clean water every morning to quench their thirst. Our employees change the water once daily. We’ve also invested in an automated water system based on the drip method for our chicken to drink water easily.

Poultry houses are cleaned every morning once all the chicken are outside free ranging. We let the houses dry and dust them with a chemical pesticide to keep our chicken pest-free. Eggs are also collected daily from laying hens.

You’ll also find fried chicken being offered. You enjoy your meal at the farm or order take away to bring back home.

White Fence Farm also offers farm tours to learners and visitors who’re into similar adventures. We allow visitors to join their preferred farm activities and feel part of our sustainable processes.

We care about the environment and Mother Earth. Our green practices help protect our immediate environment. This goes a long way in protecting the larger environment from pollution and unsafe practices. Our farm is always busy with our employees working to ensure that our chickens have all their growth needs to be met. Visit us to learn how to rear healthy chicken.

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